Nurturing Relationships with High-Value Rewards Cardholders

The U.S. credit card market presents a tough competitive landscape – even for best-in-class credit card companies. Complicating matters is an over-crowded payments scene and a highly saturated credit-qualified population. This intense environment makes acquiring new, profitable cardholders a significant challenge.

Lessons for Australia’s Credit Industry

There is a growing sense of urgency in Australia of the need to embrace open data sharing or be forced to work within an imposed regime. But what lessons can be learnt from trailblazing regions such as the UK and South Africa? Poli Konstantinidis explains.

Mosaic Australia

Behind every customer is an individual. Mosaic means you can start treating them that way. It gives you the intelligence you need to send the right message to the right person at the right time to optimise the effective design and efficient delivery of services.