We work with our customers to build accurate representations of profitable customers, prospects and store locations for use in targeted marketing and business strategies.

    There's one thing you're guaranteed to have plenty of in your business. Questions. At Pacific Micromarketing, our core strength is our ability to generate insights and answers from your transactional and customer information, to stimulate action and, ultimately, optimise customer value and drive customer profitability.

    We work for some of the region's leading consumer-facing organisations - banks and financial institutions, telcos, energy providers, retailers and not-for-profits - to find answers to resolve issues around customers, markets, market potential and resource allocation.

    We use, refine, adapt, develop and invent processes and techniques to turn your data into information. Working with world-class software licensed from organisations, we collect data on the interests and preferences of Australian consumers from a wide range of sources.

    We use this information with proprietary analytical software - including the world's best segmentation tool, MOSAIC - to generate insights and help you find the practical, relevant and exploitable answers locked inside your client and market data. These actionable insights help you to access new customers and build stronger relationships with your existing customers

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We can also help you to maintain and manage the integrity and quality of your data through data cleansing tools and data audits to ensure you are speaking to the right customers at the right time.