Here at PACMICRO, we can clean up your existing customer data and tailor a database management solution to help you achieve maximum value from your existing data resource.

    Unlocking the answers (and revenue) from your customer data.

    Are you aware there’s value trapped in your customer information, but your legacy systems make it uneconomical to release and employ in meaningful ways?

    Need to find those answers, cost effectively, and get on with being smarter with your customer data?

    Finding answers that build revenue, understanding and sustainability is possibly more reliant on the ongoing quality of data than it is about the quality of the analysis. That’s why we build database management solutions that empower you to derive maximum value from your existing data resource. How? By helping you compile, maintain and access customer information a seamless, central facility purposely designed with a marketing focus.

    With few exceptions, marketing organisations are demanding;

    • More efficient maintenance of data quality
    • Reduced costs of communications
    • Up-to-date and comprehensive views of customer behaviour (360º views)
    • Meaningful insights into customer opportunities and
    • Greater measurability and transparency

    We have specialised in the answers business for over a decade. This allows us to offer database solutions that help our clients develop their capabilities effectively and economically.


    Better data quality, better business performance. What are you missing?

    Are you wasting effort - and money - while your customer data remains at less than 100%? Need to find ways to significantly improve your data quality without it costing a fortune?

    Answers to questions about your customers rely totally on the quality of the data you capture and maintain on them. There’s nothing new in that.

    The key to understanding and measuring the quality of this strategic asset is to have PACMICRO help you find out what you may be missing.

    Business imperatives like driving better results, better ROI, to improving response rates, reducing marketing costs and providing more customer value, can often be visible in projects like;

    • Creating a single customer view
    • Migrating to new operational systems or data warehouse
    • Optimising communications spend
    • Ensuring the integrity of the customer data prior to analytical projects

    Helping organisations through the process and finding quicker, more cost-effective answers is core to our business. We have amassed a wealth of knowledge, experience and leading edge technology so we can provide that capability effectively and economically.