Through our Customer Analytics, Local Area Planning and Consulting services, we can help you to learn more about your customers, their value to your business and their buying patterns.

    The answers to more profitable decisions are likely to be buried in your customer landscape.

    Like to turn more of your customers into valuable ones, to derive and deliver greater benefit - for more durable and profitable relationships? Need the answers to doing this effectively and economically?

    The answers to knowing your customers are buried in three core areas – understanding who they are (profile); understanding what they need (segmenting) and knowing where you can find them (neighborhood targeting).

    The need to drive ROI, to improve response rates, reduce marketing costs and provide more customer value can often be visible in projects like;

    • Profiling – what your customers look like and who generates the most value or cost
    • Market and customer segmentation, e.g. size and share of segment
    • Churn modeling – predict future behaviour or likelihood to behave in a certain way
    • Customer valuation analysis
    • Prospect acquisition

    Helping organisations find answers they can use is core to our business. In order to provide that capability effectively and economically, we have amassed a wealth of powerful tools, processes and market expertise.


    Building success into your retail location decision

    Need answers that minimise the cost or risk in your retail outlet development? Need answers to the potential impact of new locations on existing ones - or the likely size and value of the buying base?

    Building higher returns and lower risk around retail development decisions is something we’ve done for over a decade now. So we know using proven research techniques, an independent assessment and the most up to date data sources can be the difference between a good decision and an outstanding one.

    Our Local Area Planning service has been employed successfully in key decisions and projects like;

    • Strategically improving profitability in existing stores.
    • Mapping the mix of products and services that will appeal most to the local community.
    • Identifying the best location for a new store and analytically ranking the possible options.
    • Evaluating store and network performance to improve the effectiveness and returns.
    • Estimating the impact of competitive and other external factors to determine the most lucrative trading areas.

    The toolsets, experience and expertise to fi nd the answers to your burning location questions are right here. Use us to help you reduce the risks and costs involved in, what are inherently, resource-intensive decisions. That one decision will deliver a handsome payback. We’ll stake our reputation on it.


    Right here, right now with expertise you can trust

    Do you have a great team, but can’t do everything - all the one time?

    Collaborating with the right people will often mean the difference between getting the right answers - on time - and not getting the answers at all.

    For all kinds of reasons, organisations find themselves facing increasing demands on their analytical resources. When it comes to understanding, modeling or leveraging customers and their value, not having the answers can mean the difference between a good year and a fantastic year.

    Our team is available to work with your business when you need them – to support whatever effort your business might need. You can use an impressive pool of talent and experience on projects like;

    • Adding value to your direct marketing and database marketing strategies.
    • Collaborating with your teams to draw out answers from the enormous data pool we have – or you have.
    • Helping you set up and trial in-house systems and processes with a signifi cant impact on your marketing effort.
    • Building competency and developing in-house skills related to both software and process.
    • Supporting you in the development of key strategic initiatives from inception right through to implementation.
    • We have developed a number of platforms that hold the answers for innumerable business questions. Now, you can access more than just our expertise, you can access the answers you can use – right here, right now.